Wez Furlong

I'm a software engineer from England living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work at Facebook and I like to unwind with an occasional single malt and a good movie. If I can't get my hands on those, I'll substitute bourbon, bad sci-fi or xbox 360.

I'm married to Juliette and we have a son called Xander. Juliette studies Tae Kwon Do, Haidong Gumdo, Kung-Fu and writing; Xander attends school and loves math, space and Minecraft.

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Wez Furlong is a Software Engineer at Facebook and was formerly Chief Software Architect at Message Systems where he designed new features and refinements for the messaging platform that helps clientele such as Facebook, Salesforce, Match.com and MessageLabs (Symantec.cloud) meet their high demands.

A strong proponent of OpenSource, Wez has made major contributions to the PHP programming language core in the form of the streams and database abstraction layers, and is author of a number of other extensions. Other projects include a software development tracker application (mtrack) and a programmable watchdog and crash trace analysis facility for use on production systems (Gimli).

Wez enjoys sharing knowledge, and this has manifested in the form of a number of articles for php|architect and PHP Magazine, Oracle Technology Network and IBM developerWorks. He can often be found speaking at PHP and OpenSource conferences worldwide.

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