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I offer my services as a mentor. I have 25 years of tech industry experience that is both broad and deep. Two areas in particular that I think might have appeal are:

Career Growth
I've worked in small and large companies in various engineering roles, both as an individual contributor and as a manager, and most recently was a Principal Engineer at a FAANG. I've started successful projects and grown teams around them, and mentored engineers of all levels, from New Grads to Staff Engineers to help them grow. I can share what has worked for me and how I look at things.
Systems Software Engineering
Ranging from high level distributed systems architecture down to nitty gritty details at the firmware level. Want to figure out how to make something work in Rust or C/C++, or on multiple operating systems? Do you have a thorny problem that you'd like to Pair Program on? Want a code review?

I'm happy to cover anything that I know, and not just what is shown above.

Ideally we'd meet across several regularly scheduled sessions, especially if you are interested in growth, but individual ad-hoc sessions are also OK.

How it works

I usually use Discord to facilitate a video call. Sessions are 1 hour in duration and are typically held on a monthly cadence.

In terms of the format, for career growth oriented engagements, I expect that our first session will be a mixture of you telling me about yourself and your goals, and me making suggestions or sharing anecdotes that may help you navigate. In future sessions I anticipate that we'll have a mixture of checking in on how you're doing and you raising targeted/topical questions.

I want to be clear up-front that I don't claim to have all (or honestly, any!) of the right answers for a given situation, but I can share how I might approach it; what sorts of questions I might be asking myself internally and the kind of calculus that I might apply.

For ad-hoc sessions where you'd like to dive into a technical problem, what typically works is that you share your screen and we talk through it.

What next?

If you have questions about this offering, please contact me via email at

The price per session is currently $250 (US Dollars).

If everything sounds good, then you have a couple of options for your next steps; pick only one of these!

  • Visit my Ko-Fi page and join the Mentoring tier. That will set you up for a recurring monthly session until you cancel. (Ko-Fi have the lowest fees for a recurring session)

  • Visit my Patreon page and pledge for the Mentoring tier. That will set you up for a recurring monthly session until you cancel.

  • Book an ad-hoc, one-time session via Payment (via Stripe) is required to book.


I'm based in Arizona and my availability will be based around reasonable hours in that timezone.


I do not offer refunds, but will accommodate rescheduling should something come up and you cannot make the originally scheduled time.

Interested in group or corporate rates?

If you're interested in group mentoring, corporate sponsored mentoring for multiple individuals or regular consulting on technical issues, please contact me via email to discuss: