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Node.js - First Impressions

I've spent some of my personal time over this past week looking into Node.js. I'll be up-front in stating that my efforts have not been particularly broad, but I have gone reasonably deep into the parts that I looked at.

I've been building evented systems for more than a decade, mostly in the "C" language, so Node is particularly interesting to me; it blends an evented I/O model with the Javascript language in such a way that it doesn't feel like a continual struggle.

To get a feel for Node, I decided to look at what it would take to get some kind of mtrack implementation running on Node; don't get too excited, I didn't finish anything worthy of public scrutiny.

For the purposes of the experiment I selected Riak for the data storage solution; it has a compelling mixture of document storage, full-text searching, secondary indices and map-reduce facilities.