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Sponsor Me

If you use and find WezTerm, or any of my other Open Source software, valuable, please consider sponsoring its development.

Your support helps to validate the time spent so far and encourages me to spend more time working on it in the future, keeping the project alive and current.

It may not be readily apparent, but maintaining software that runs across multiple different operating systems and graphical environments is particularly labor intensive.

Add to that the time it takes to triage and respond to questions and issues on GitHub and Element, and that's a significant amount of time and energy just to keep things ticking over, even without adding new features or making significant improvements.

It feels like a full time job, but with your support, maybe it could actually be a full time job?

If you are in a position to provide recurring or even a one-time sponsorship, I would appreciate it.

You can find me on the following platforms:

GitHub Patreon Ko-Fi Liberapay