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Yahoo music engine on win64?

It looks like running the yahoo music engine app on win64 isn't officially supported, but here's how I got it to work.

  • download the installer
  • right click on the ymjsetup.exe and choose the compatibility tab and set the installer to run in compatibility mode for Windows XP.
  • make sure that you've run windows media player at least once
  • run ymjsetup.exe
  • ignore any error messages that might pop-up; let the installation continue
  • reboot

and that should be it.


One of the things on my agenda for OSCON (which was excellent, just like last time) was to sit down with a couple of the folks from IBM to discuss why the SDO extensions hadn't taken off as they'd hoped, and what they could do to foster some growth.

One of the things that was apparent was that this SDO stuff has quite a high barrier to entry--too many three letter acronyms for starters, and its origins in the C++ and Java world don't help make it very accessible to the typical PHP developer.

I'm pleased to see that IBM are already acting on a few of the things we discussed, the most visible of which so far is the publication of and introduction to SDO and working with XML using SDO.

If you've wondered what this SDO stuff is all about, please read through those articles. After having done that, if theres something you're not clear on, or if everything is clear, or if you have some other thoughts on the matter, then please take a moment to send your feedback to Graham Charters (you'll find his email address on the top of the articles).

Graham and the rest of the SDO team would really love to hear what you think about SDO, so that they can work on making it easier to get into.

Do you want to work on my team?

In addition to the PHP web dev openings that Laura mentioned, we're also looking to hire some mid-level systems engineers to code primarily in C on UNIX/Windows.

If you're interested in working directly with George, Theo and myself (and the veritable host of other smart, interesting and fun people that also work at OmniTI) on some of the fastest, most highly stressed core infrastructure applications ever created, then we'd like to hear from you.

If you're looking to work hard, learn a lot and have a lot of fun while doing both of these things, then please look over the job description and send your applications to

Motorola RAZR SyncML with t-mobile

According to the manual for my RAZR, there should be a Sync option on the connection menu next to the bluetooth setup; its purpose is to configure the settings for a SyncML server. It isn't present on my t-mobile provided handset, and t-mobile support has no idea about it.

I've tried googling around, but it seems that no one else has any suggestions on how to enable that feature. I suspect that I'd need to re-flash the handset to turn it on, which is something I'd rather not do.

Anyone out there have any advice on this?

PHP, the trading card game!

Cal Evans of Zend's DevZone accidentally revealed his php community who's who flash cards (so that he can put faces to names at the conference)--and it looks just like a trading card game.

Luckily for you, Terry Chay was on hand to document them:

You can see more of these on Terry's flickr stream.

The flip side of the cards has each PHP community members bio on the back (I don't think Terry managed to capture that).

It appears that Cal's print run had a glitch, as you can see from this pic:

Looks like Zak has yet another lookalike. At OSCON 2005, there were three Zaks:

OSCON coming up

Tomorrow afternoon I begin my 3-hop flight, via my favorite airport (Phoenix... I got stuck there on my last visit to the west coast) to attend OSCON. I'm giving my tried-and-true PDO talk again this year (yeah, yeah, but I have new material for php|works).

As usual, I'm looking forward to the gathering of OpenSource folks for drinking^Wbrainstorming sessions, and the opportunity to be subjected to cross-polination from non-PHP projects.

See you there?