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SQLite, PHP and LinuxTag

Marcus Börger and myself will be presenting a workshop at LinuxTag this July demonstrating our PHP bindings for SQLite¬†and some of the nice features we've cooked up.

  • MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible API
  • high performance "unbuffered" query
  • fast iterator API
  • Call PHP code from within SQL functions
  • Implement aggregate SQL functions in PHP code
  • Outperforms MySQL and PostgreSQL by 2-3 times the speed for many common operations.

A PHP Application Installer

After looking at jBlog and a number of other PHP applications, I realized that they are all trying to do the same things during installation, some more competent than others.

Sooo... why isn't there a tool, like InstallShield or MSI as seen on win32, for packaging and managing the tricky installation and initial configuration of PHP (web) applications?

Well, I'm working on one now :-)

Yet another blog

I've finally succumbed to setting up a blog.Considering my already massively busy schedule, only time will tell if this leads anywhere...

This is part of an excercise in writing a (perhaps the definitive) PHP based blogger. Hopefully, Jannis won't be too annoyed at the posse of PHP developers that seem have taken over his project.



I've been lucky enough to have been paid to do some work on the PHP/PECL soap extension over the last couple of days.

I'd like to think that it is a hell of a lot better now than it was when I started - it did segfault when you tried just about anything, and now you can actually use it. Less memory leaks, more fun.

Or something like that.