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PHP | Works

toronto I'll be in Toronto for php|works in a few days time. I'll also be around for a couple of days after the conference (flight was cheaper that way).

See you there?

Back from LinuxTag

After a surprisingly long day of travel (each leg of the journey isn't that long, but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts), I'm back home in England.

I did't take any photos this year, but if you're curious, Tobias has rounded up a whole bunch.

I'd like to thank ThinkPHP for sponsoring my journey and stay at LinuxTag again this year; the critical mass of PHP brains at a conference usually results in something new for PHP, and it is good that ThinkPHP recognize and help this to happen.

So what's coming out of LinuxTag? We had a database meeting again this year; last year it spawned PDO, and this year we (most of the major PHP database extension maintainers) sat down and refined some aspects of it. Other cool stuff is hinted at here, and will be very useful if used wisely.

Come to the LAMP Area @LinuxTag

I will be giving a talk on PECL in the LAMP Area at LinuxTag this month. The talk will focus on why PECL is good for both users and developers. If you're interested in that, please come along.

I will be there all week, so there should be plenty of time to discuss cool things in PHP and/or hassle me to finish up one of the numerous things that I've started since the last conference run.

I'm looking forward to it: LinuxTag is easily the best conference in Europe (in my experience)--plenty of things to look at, in a good location, and with excellent company.

Hopefully there will be an alternative to Jolt Cola this year...

PHP{Con West

PHP{Con West went very well for me - I got to meet most of the other PHP guys that I haven't seen before, as well as some of the familiar faces from LinuxTag this year, and got to meet some Sams authors, and Shelly too (at last!), as well as a bunch of PHP users.

The Extending PHP tutorial seemed to go well - there were more people at the end than there were at the start, and people were asking the most relevant questions, so it seems that I didn't bore the socks off everyone.

I will be putting the slides from the session online in the next couple of days because I've only just gotten some sane connectivity, which leads me to the down side of the conference...

For a hotel based in Silicon Valley, you might expect the Biltmore to have good internet access... well, it did have WiFi and it did have an elaborate code system to ensure that you are paying for access. The problem was that they didn't have anywhere near enough bandwidth for a computer/networking based conference. The number of attendees completely overwhelmed their line.

PHP Cruise

PHP Cruise Yet another conference on the horizon, scheduled for March 2004, the first ever PHP Cruise is a conference taking place on a cruise ship in the Bahamas!

I will be making 3 presentations - Writing Socket Applications in PHP (focusing on new features in PHP 5), E-mail Manipulation and Transmission in PHP - how to do it the "Right Way"™, and finally a more technical talk Extending PHP, which will focus on cooking up a php extension for your favourite library.

International PHP Conference

I will be putting in another conference appearance this year at the International PHP 2003 Conference, making another presentation together with Marcus Boerger about SQLite - "The Revolutionary SQLite" - similar to our LinuxTag talk, although with a more practical focus, and featuring Marcus' PHP 5 OO model.

In addition, I will have a session of my own "PHP-Irssi - A case-study for embedding PHP" discussing the use of the Embed SAPI (the child of Edin Kadribasic) to provide PHP scripting within your own applications.

PHP{Con West

I will be speaking at PHP{Con West this year about how to write a PHP extension. It will be a 3 hour tutorial, so I will be able to go through the whole process and even talk about some of the "black magic" that goes into some of the more advanced features of the PHP/Zend extension API.

I'll also be hanging around at the Code Sprint, not necessarily coding, but available to answer any questions you might have about PHP (preferably internals questions!).

SQLite, PHP and LinuxTag

Marcus Börger and myself will be presenting a workshop at LinuxTag this July demonstrating our PHP bindings for SQLite¬†and some of the nice features we've cooked up.

  • MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible API
  • high performance "unbuffered" query
  • fast iterator API
  • Call PHP code from within SQL functions
  • Implement aggregate SQL functions in PHP code
  • Outperforms MySQL and PostgreSQL by 2-3 times the speed for many common operations.