PHP{Con West

PHP{Con West went very well for me - I got to meet most of the other PHP guys that I haven't seen before, as well as some of the familiar faces from LinuxTag this year, and got to meet some Sams authors, and Shelly too (at last!), as well as a bunch of PHP users.

The Extending PHP tutorial seemed to go well - there were more people at the end than there were at the start, and people were asking the most relevant questions, so it seems that I didn't bore the socks off everyone.

I will be putting the slides from the session online in the next couple of days because I've only just gotten some sane connectivity, which leads me to the down side of the conference...

For a hotel based in Silicon Valley, you might expect the Biltmore to have good internet access... well, it did have WiFi and it did have an elaborate code system to ensure that you are paying for access. The problem was that they didn't have anywhere near enough bandwidth for a computer/networking based conference. The number of attendees completely overwhelmed their line.