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It's time for another mtrack update; here's what's new:

If you have an existing installation, you will need to carry out the following steps to enable the snippets feature:

  1. Add the Snippets ACL root
    php bin/add-acl-object.php --config-file /path/to/config.ini Snippets
  2. Add the Snippets table
    sqlite3 /path/to/var/mtrac.db
    CREATE TABLE snippets (
            -- snippet id
            snid text not null,
            -- ref. to changes table
            created INTEGER NOT NULL,
            updated INTEGER NOT NULL,
            -- summary/blurb in wiki markup
            description text not null,
            -- what language?
            lang text not null,
            -- and the snippet itself
            snippet text not null,
            primary key (snid)
  3. Grant rights to Snippets; append the SnippetCreator to your admin and authenticated user class roles in your config.ini; I've included the new defaults below:
    ; Defines some basic, reasonable, permission sets for 3 classes of user.
    ; These are used in addition to whatever is selected by auth plugins
    anonymous = ReportViewer,BrowserViewer,WikiViewer,TimelineViewer,RoadmapViewer,TicketViewer
    authenticated = ReportViewer,BrowserViewer,WikiCreator,TimelineViewer,RoadmapViewer,TicketCreator,UserViewer,SnippetCreator
    admin = ReportCreator,BrowserCreator,WikiCreator,TimelineViewer,RoadmapCreator,TicketCreator,EnumerationCreator,ComponentCreator,ProjectCreator,UserCreator,SnippetCreator

Where to get it

You can find the code here

Snippet Creation

Snippet View

Ticket View

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