mtrack: facelift + other progress

I've been working on some changes to mtrack (a software development tracker implemented in PHP) this weekend, with a focus on improving the user experience for the mtrack administrator. To be brutally honest, it was at best a meagre experience for the administrator, but now things are better. They're still not perfect, but it should be a low enough bar to encourage more folks to play with mtrack. I've also spent a little bit of effort to add some caching to improve performance for certain pages.

For those that have tried it in the past, there's a brief summary of what's changed and a couple of screen shots below. This effort is in alignment with the roadmap that I published a little while ago.


  • Fleshed out the Administration section with some more explanatory text and made some (but not yet all) of the CRUD screens a little more pleasant to use
  • Added an "Admin Party" mode for fresh installs so that it is easier to find and use the admin section if they're connecting from the localhost. Non-local users are told to connect locally to make configuration changes
  • Added role assignment to the user management screen
  • Added authentication configuration screen to allow HTTP or OpenID authentication to be enabled
  • When using mtrack for HTTP auth, users may change their passwords. When using the web server for HTTP auth, mtrack will respect the authentication but will not allow the editing of passwords
  • Fixed a bug that meant that svn diffs would not work on Mac OS/X
  • Fixed a bug in the Jan Rain OpenID library that prevented it from working with PHP 5.3
  • Added primitive import-tickets-from-CSV file facility; useful for people that are transferring requirements into mtrack tickets
  • Changed visual styling to be a little less like trac

Where to get it

You can find the code here

The Wiki starting page

The Admin section