Scott Kveton of the OSU Open Source Lab (who graciously provide hardware and bandwidth for many open projects, including php.net) told me about OSCamp, which seeks to organize the buzz of fringe activity that surrounds OSCON each year.

I know that Rasmus particularly likes to get together with the local community at conferences, something which is often made difficult for them by the high entry prices (any price is high if your ticket isn't being covered by your boss). Last year a bunch of us PHP folks went on down to Portland's PHP User Group to give them a compressed version of the PHP talks at OSCON for free (as in pizza).

OSCamp is intended make these fringe gatherings feel more like part of the conference while still remaining free for anyone to attend. It's still in the early stages of planning/gathering, but I'd say that it's fair bet that "us PHP folks" will be doing something for the local community again this year.

I just sent out an email to the folks I know, so I'll keep you posted.