I'm letting lapse this year after holding it for 11 years. For those that weren't with me back then, The Brain Room was my consulting company, providing graphic and software design services.

When I joined OmniTI, I chose to use for my blog in a kind of self-mocking move; I equated my efforts at taking over the world with superior software with the effectiveness of Dr. Evil. A lot of people thought I was styling myself after Dr. Evil, which wasn't quite right, but close enough :-)

Since I've been going around updating my account information with various services, I thought a change would be in order. I'm of the opinion that one should use their own name as part of their internet persona, I finally got a domain that did just that.

So here we are: I've taken the opportunity to give things a really minor facelift, and also migrated comments to the Disqus service.

The move may cause a re-post of some of my articles to aggregating services; I apologize for that. is not going anywhere anywhere soon, but if you have me on file using, you will need to update your information to instead.

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