php|works 2006 - slides online

Another php|works is done. As always, Marco puts together a good conference. An interesting mix of speakers and attendees, a good selection of talks and some fun activities--the PHP trivia quiz was fun to watch (speakers were not allowed to compete) with some tough questions and a great prize (a brand new macbook!).

The extending PHP session I was covering for Sara seemed to go ok; in my experience there's typically only 1 or 2 people that are seriously following the content in these sessions, with the rest either snoozing or feeling overwhelmed. It is a tough topic to cover, even in 3 hours. I used Sara's slides, but the pacing was a bit aggressive, so we wound up spending a bit more time doing some real time extension hacking instead of following the slides too closely.

The PDO talk was the same as usual, and my new talk, on best mailing practices (affectionately known as "not PDO" by the rest of the speakers) had a decent turn-out with people actually scribbling down notes.

I think I only managed to attend two other talks; Sebastians AOP talk (although I had to cut out pretty early to make a phone call) and Zak's talk on licensing, which very clearly explained things like copyright and licensing that every developer should know.

On my return journey, I had the pleasure of meeting Eli White (PHP Hacker @ Digg, author of "PHP 5 in Practice") at the gate for the flight back home. By a strange quirk of fate I hadn't seen Eli at all at the conference, but with ample time at the gate, and on the plane (another quirk of fate had us sitting next to each other), we made up for that.

You can find my PDO and Mail talks up at the OmniTI talks page: and you can find the extending PHP slides up at furlong-golemon-extending-php.pdf.