I'm looking for another Dark Apprentice

I'm looking for someone who wants to hone their existing 3+ years of C hacking and debugging skills on some of the fastest, most highly stressed core infrastructure applications ever created.

The full job description is available on the OmniTI Careers page.

A successful applicant for the position will join the ranks of my Dark Apprentices and will have the opportunity to learn and develop skills such as:

  • Performant, scalable thinking. Writing and troubleshooting code that runs in high stress environments.
  • Sith debugging. Mastering the inner mysteries to deduce ways to effectively reproduce and resolve otherwise impossible problems.
  • All the fun and happy details of the various email specs.
  • Dry wit. You'll have the option of picking up some of my British humour.

There's plenty of scope for developing these skills and more.

If you're interested in this position, or know someone else that might be, please direct resumes to jobs[at]messagesystems.com.

(I hope the folks an planets mysql and php don't mind the cross posting; we do do work with both PHP and mysql, so it's not totally off topic. Thanks for reading!)