PDO 1.0RC2 released via PECL

I released the next release candidate for PDO tonight. You can find the full changelog here. There are two changes of note (I can't take credit for these, you can (blame|thank) Ilia and Marcus):

  • Changed PDO_XXX constant names into PDO::XXX and renamed pdo_drivers() to PDO::getAvailableDrivers()
  • Removed the "final" attribute from the PDO and PDOStatement constructors, making it significantly easier to extend PDO in your apps. You'll probably want to look at PDO::setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_STATEMENT_CLASS) if you're doing that sort of thing.

I also released the next installment for the various drivers; mostly bug fixes here and there. The biggest patch was making LOBs work for the OCI driver.

You can find the updated packages in PECL, and find pre-compiled Windows extension DLLs at pecl4win.