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I'm sitting in the soundproof booth at the Forum PHP in Paris. I've been up for more than 24 hours straight (don't you just love timezone shifts!) so I'm feeling pretty tired. Contrary to the doom and panic mongering that was on CNN while I was waiting at the airport in Atlanta (that's the airport with the really long walk between the domestic and international concourses), Paris doesn't seem like it's about to be torn down by rioters; seems pretty peaceful and not tense at all. I've been told that the unrest is mainly in the suburbs, and was mostly outside of Paris itself last night.

I've also heard pretty bad things about Charles de Gaule airport, but found it to be quite empty and easy to navigate when I arrived just before 7am local time; maybe I've just been lucky :)

While I'm here, I'll be giving my PDO talk and sitting in on a Q&A panel with the other PHP big wigs that are also here (Rasmus, Zeev, Andrei and Zak). After the conference itself, we'll be holding a meeting to hammer out some of the finer details for PHP 6; the other other PHP big wigs are making their way to Paris after the PHP conference that is concurrently underway in Frankfurt.

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