Just a quick response to Lukas' blog entry.

I know Lukas would love to see things work a little differently in PDO, but there are good technical reasons why things are the way they are now. Here are some reasons in random order:

A closing comment regarding the naming of the PDO methods; I didn't follow Lukas' "Unofficial subjectively observed key design principles"; the PDO APi just happens to follow the APIs of the underlying database clients because it means that PDO doesn't have to do too much work on top of those APIs, and because those particular APIs have been designed by people that live and breathe databases. I like to avoid the NIH (Not Invented Here) syndrome where I can (although I confess that I do succumb to it from time to time). Regarding the length of the method names, I don't believe that they should be as short as possible, but don't believe inOverlyLongNamesForTheSakeOfMakingTheCodeReadLikeEnglish().

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