PDO in PHP 5.1 Beta 3

[Update: Beta 3 is out; please report any/all bugs via http://bugs.php.net]

With the impending release of PHP 5.1b3, it's a good time to mention the status of PDO. We've had an excellent round of QA since beta 2, resulting in the following notable items:

  • common core test suite to ensure individual driver conformance
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL drivers now support native prepared statements and bound parameters (when available), for improved performance.
  • OCI and ODBC drivers have been improved.
  • PDOStatement::closeCursor() method has been added, to explicitly free up a database connection if you're done with a result set before you reach the end.
  • Added $db->getAttribute(PDO_ATTR_DRIVER_NAME) to tell you which driver is in use (mostly useful for people writing layers over the top of PDO).
  • Enabled the unix build of PDO_DBLIB, which provides access to Sybase/MSSQL servers via freetds. This driver is not as mature as the others, so feedback is especially welcomed. If you're running on windows, you'll probably have a better experience using PDO_ODBC to talk to SQL Server.
  • There are no unresolved bugs (a couple of feature requests, but no bugs)

Enjoy :)