EvilDesk 0.7 Released

Well, the bug fixes I made in the last release left me feeling empowered again, so I've followed up with a couple more features and some more bug fixes:

  • Added new MATCH CREATE window matching configuration option, which allows actions to be taken when windows are created. For example, you can cause all VMWare windows to start on a given workspace, or have your mp3 player automatically stick to all workspaces when it starts up.
  • Fixed a slit layout calculation bug.
  • Avoid blocking the flasher when the flashing app (eg: gaim 2.0 beta) hangs itself
  • Balloon tips now display the body of the balloon text, instead of the tooltip from the tray area, and will rise all the way to the top of the z-order.
  • Improved detection of deleted tray tooltips, so that balloon tips are not wiped out at the wrong time.
  • When a window was made sticky, it would remain in the minimized state on the inactive workspaces. This has now been corrected.
  • Fixed a string termination bug in the PuTTY plugin for sessions that have spaces in their names.
  • Environmental variables are now expanded when processing the MergeDirs directive in the .evdm file