Conferences, PHP

Well, I'm finally back from php|works, feeling pretty good about how well the conference went for everyone, and pretty jet-lagged and travel tired.

If there is one thing I'll always remember from the conference, it will be the slur on Canadian currency value from the title of this post; it got a lot of mileage (all in good spirits though!).

The conference seemed to go very well; I didn't see (m)?any attendees playing truant, and that suggests the there was enough going on to satisfy them all. After hours there was plenty to do in and around Toronto (even if it meant going to Best Buy first) and that made a welcome change compared to the venues for some of the other conferences I have been to--they have a tendency to be somewhat isolated, and that can lead to a kind of cabin fever.

I was one of the unfortunate speakers to be harasmussed, but I didn't mind; it was kinda funny to see people walk in, hang around for a bit, and then sneak out carrying the vacant chairs from the room.

Thumbs up to Marco and php|a for another great conference! :-)

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