I caught the tail end of the BBC news earlier tonight (I don't normally watch it) and one of the reports was concerning the "Presidential Debate". The report was rounded off with the news that "Kerry has been attending debating camp, learning to use shorter sentences" and that "Bush has been practicing staying up later than 9.30pm (his usual bedtime) in order to appear alert later in the evening".

Now, I couldn't help but laugh at this news, particularly when there is no clear leader in the polls. I'm, once again, reminded of the "Vote for None of the Above" campaign from the film Brewsters Millions. Brewster has to spend $30 million in the space of 30 days in order to qualify for his inheritance, and decides that one good way to get rid of the cash is to enter the presidential campaign. However, he isn't in it to win it, he is merely there to point out that none of the candidates is worth voting for, especially himself.

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