Dead laptop disk == more linux hacking

Update2: moved code to

Update acpid now handles the brightness controls, displays the battery status in the ps list and emits power warnings once you're down to 15 minutes of power. I've also added a little non-root acpid client that will allow you to run your own stuff in response to hotkey events.

I suffered a dead (nearly; it's on its way out) laptop disk almost a week ago, and have been clawing my way back to normality.

As a side effect, I now own a Toshiba Satellite M30, which apparently has slightly more linux friendly hardware than my other Satellite (the one that's having issues).

One of the cool things is the toshiba_acpi module; it works in this model and allows access to the hotkeys so you can map them exactly as you like. Since running a standalone daemon for this sucks (you can choose either a python script or a slightly-overweight fnfxd), and since there was a feature request on the ToshibaAcpiDriver page for it, I've written this patch that adds toshiba key support to acpid (1.0.3).

Toshiba keys are exposed as button/toshiba events, followed by the 16-bit hex code for the key that was triggered, so stick some scripting magic into /etc/acpi/events and you're happily-a-mapping those keys.