A couple of years back, we attended the wedding of my sister-in-law (Aimee Macauley) in Hawaii. We decided to extend our stay and were treated to a big cock-up on behalf of United Airlines that involved flying from Hawaii->SFO->Boston->NY->NY->LHR, instead of the somewhat more sane Hawaii->SFO->LHR.

Well, I've just been visting George (for business, and as it turns out, pleasure too) and my "travel-luck" (those are Dr. Evil finger-quotation-marks) strikes again. The flight from BWI to Boston was delayed enough by some weather (presumably the same lightning storms that delayed my inbound flight a couple of days earlier) to mess up my connecting flight back to LHR (you know; the important one).

This time I'm flying American Airlines and I have to commend them for much nicer service than United. I'm currently sitting in Chicago O'Hare waiting for my alternate flight to LHR. My arrival time has been delayed approx 5 hours, but it turns out that this actually a better schedule for both myself and Juliette+Xander; I get more time to "sleep" on the plane (Dr. Evil finger-quotes again), and they don't have to get up at 4am to collect me from the airport.

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