People seem to have only just noticed this thing, but it's been around for ages (2 years!). Yeah, it's probably broken in PHP 5 in a bunch of places. It's experimental, YMMV. Yes, I care if it doesn't work for you; maybe not enough to use up my spare time (not that I actually have any) debugging windows problems, but everyone understands that you get what you pay for, right?


Our brief conversation took place the day before his somewhat "unfriendly" posts. I received 2 emails, not 6.


OpenSource is about contributing, so why not contribute something useful to the rest of the world instead of angry vibes and misrepresenting the people that have already donated so much of their time?

If you want to help yourself, take a look at the CVS and compare PHP 4 with PHP 5. It sounds like there is a buglet in the registry entries; it did work under PHP 4 with WSH, so why not start by comparing those parts?

PS: threaded PHP is a bad idea waiting to crash. That's one of the reasons why we strongly recommend that you don't use threaded SAPI under windows (and even under unix if you can avoid it).

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