I'm Looking for employment

Yeah, yeah, isn't everyone?

I'm looking for a full-time position doing some kind of systems architecture/development (preferably not grunt work writing PHP scripts all day, thanks!).

I'm prepared to relocate from the UK: west coast USA is appealing as I have family there (I'm married to a US citizen, so getting a green-card isn't going to be a problem), but will certainly consider employment elsewhere.

I've been programming for years and have very broad experience (and depth of knowledge) of a wide range of areas of development: unix, win32, servers, GUI, C/C++, Delphi and so on. I'm extremely flexible and a very fast learner.

Why am I looking for a job when I have my own company? Two reasons: one is that we want to move closer to family in the USA, and that requires working for someone else there so we can establish our credit history, and the second is that I'm tired of trying to scrounge up projects, especially here in the UK. Give me the work, pay me, and I'll do it :-)

If you have a job that might be suitable, please contact me to obtain my resume. I'm also available for project work.