Evil Blog

Dr EvilFor a long time now, I've wanted to do this; build up a fairly simple (yet powerful) Blog/Wiki/CVS/Bugs/Shopping-list/whatever manager. I was going to try to use Serendipity as the base for this system, but when I sat down to do so, I discovered that s9y has gotten a bit too large for my purposes.

So, here we have a totally new system, hand coded by yours-truly and running from an sqlite database. So far it's a Blog/Wiki, but support for other more useful tools will be forthcoming.

Err, but why is it an Evil Blog?

I was fishing around for a new domain name, in anticipation of a change in employment sometime this year, and I found this one and thought it sounded cool. So, in the spirit of thinking up a cool name and then trying to justify it, my gimmick is this:

I'm motivated by power, so I'm always seeking to make things better, more functional, or even just getting them so that they work. If I had as much uninterrupted time as I needed to finish everything, I could take over the 'Net/world.

Sadly, I don't have that time, so my attempts are on a par with a certain Dr. Evil--both in terms of execution and effect. Yes, it's a pretty lame link, but I like it.

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